BCC in Outlook2016; put a warning if a person who is BCC'd hits Reply All

Roberta Gelb
Roberta Gelb used Ask the Experts™
Here's the case:
PersonA is BCC'd on an email because sender does not want others to know that Person A is getting the email.

I read about MailTips being able to put up a warning if PersonA  hits ReplyAll

I can not find any info on how to sset this up
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Travis RodgersIT Admin


This option is only available in Outlook 2016 and 2019. This can be done by creating the rule. Please check the complete information here: https://www.msoutlook.info/question/you-may-have-been-bcced-warning
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

No need to do this, as the recipient will be unable to reply all to a BCC. Message will only go to original sender
That is not the issue.  It is a person who does not realize they are listed as a BCC replying to all.  A BCC recipient can press REPLY TO ALL and everyone will see that response.


We created a rule which I will place here.

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