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Need Driver for LSI 9440-8i controller installable form for Windows 8.1

New Dell Precision 7820 Tower.  It came with the LSI 9440-8i Raid Controller.  I need to downgrade the operating system on this computer to Windows 8.1 Pro to accommodate a software package.  Since Windows does not recognize the controller card, I am struggling to find the driver in the format which the Window 8.1 will install.  Dell has the appropriate driver, but even "unpacked" it consists of .exe files.  

Does anyone have a way around this issue.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Try uncompressing the executable.  I use 7-Zip for that purpose.

I've just done that on the file from  .   In this case I just used 7-Zip to view the files contents.  There's a drivers folder inside the executable plus text documentation.
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Thank you both.   The drivers provided by Phillip Elder got me where I needed to be.  I had to step away from this project for a few days, which is why my answer was delayed.