Get the list of all the public folders and the size in csv format.

Hello All,

I would like to get the list of all the public folders and the size. I got the below cmdlet, however i was unable to get the size of PF.

I just want identity, User, AccessRights and Size.

Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | Get-PublicFolderClientPermission | Select Identity,User,{$_.AccessRights} | Export-CSV "C:\PFPermissions.csv"

Can anyone please help me.

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Ibrahim BennaTechnology LeadCommented:
You can actually use this script ( as it provides a detailed report of your public folders.
krish5musicAuthor Commented:
Hi Ibrahim,

I have checked the link, but it doesn't have accessrights information.

I mainly want both accessrights and size.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Exchange version?
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krish5musicAuthor Commented:
Hi Pete,

Its for Exchange 2010.

Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
The PowerShell is correct for working with Public Folder permissions. A separate PoSh cmdlet, Get-PublicFolderStatistics, would be needed to get stats about the Public Folders themselves.
Get-PublicFolderStatistics -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object Name,FolderPath, AssociatedItemCount, DeletedItemCount, ItemCount, TotalAssociatedItemSize, TotalDeletedItemSize, TotalItemSize | Export-csv .\PFStatistics.csv -NoTypeInformation

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krish5musicAuthor Commented:
Hello Philip,

Thanks for your response. As i stated on my request, i need both permissions and size information.

I understand that there is a separate cmd let for permissions. But the main issue here is that, how can we combine both cmdlet in to one,?

krish5musicAuthor Commented:
Hello Philip,

I even tried running the below cmdlet. But the result is not showing PF details of other servers.

Import-Csv "C:\temp\pf.csv" | Foreach-Object{Get-PublicFolderStatistics -ResultSize Unlimited -Identity $_.identity} | Select-Object Folderpath, TotalItemSize.

I got the below error.

Couldn't find public folder "pf name" on server "server that i runing the command".

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