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Internet Explorer displays error message "Cannot Reach this page"

I am on windows 10 pro  using IE11, I am getting the error below, "cannot reach this page"  a lot.
I know the sites online ..
any ideas?
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Try another browser to compare with: edge.
Can you try with

Does it work in other browsers?
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You should get re-routed to address:
since google is not supporting http without SSL encryption anymore
Try co use this address:

If this will not work, make sure your firewall not blocking SSL connection port 443.
Also try google chrome or firefox.
If you don;t want to install other browser you can try FireFox Portable.
You don;t need to install it to use it
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Hi Tom
in IE gets "Cant reach this page error"
Hi Tom,
and is working....
this is part of the issue....intermittent results.... so very difficult to know if fixed or not
Hi Iamthecreator OM
that is working at the moment....
but the issue is intermittent
hi McKnife,
same issues in Chrome and Edge
Did you try my suggestions especially about TCP reset

Follow up note:: Stack Reset and importantly DNS Flush can help these issues.  

Also reset your router (unplug, wait 5 minutes, plug it back in)
Is this problem exists on more than one computer on only one ?

Of on only one, try John suggestion, if in your network,, maybe you have:

1. DNS issue
2. Route on you way to google website.

If this is DNS issue,, try replace DNS settings for test only,,, set on your IPv4 properties then ipconfig/flushdns in command prompt and check for hour or two
If you have 2 DNS server ,, try switch them over... so make secondary DNS as your primary..

then ipconfig /flushdns in command prompt
maybe it's a time out?  i see many pc's that are responding very slowly; i suppose this is caused by windows checking and scanning everything...
Hi all, thanks for your input....think the issue may be resolved, rebooted installed updates, not sure if relevant but seems to be working ok today
Thank you for the update.