Looking for KB article for about retirement of mail.messaging.microsoft.com

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I understand 'mail.messaging.microsoft.com' has been retired (or certainly delays mail) but I have not been able to find an official Microsoft article on the subject.
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What I read about this is email relaying and that is frowned upon by email ISPs  .  Here is a summary about this dating from 2017.

Wesley MillerComputer Network Analyst

According to Wiki, it was replaced with Microsoft Exchange.

The client software was also named Microsoft Mail, and was included in some older versions of Microsoft Office such as version 4.x. The original "Inbox" (Exchange client or Windows Messaging) of Windows 95 also had the capability to connect to an MS Mail server.

Microsoft Mail Server was eventually replaced by Microsoft Exchange; Microsoft Mail Client, Microsoft Exchange Client, and Schedule+ were eventually replaced by Outlook (Windows and Mac).

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Mail

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