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If I Seize Schema Master am I required to restore failed Domain Controller?

Seize schema master role repercussions in an 11 DC environment which is at Forest level functionality = 2003, domain level functionality= 2008 r2, and all Domain controllers on server OS=2012.
DC1, with all fsmo roles, failed.
Dc2 was able to grab all roles except Schema Master, in the ADUC Users/Computers mmc it shows "error" under current Schema Master.
In command line (netdom /query fsmo it shows
"Warning: role owner is a deleted DC".

 I was ready to use NTdsutil to seize the schema Master role, but reading up on it, it says the failed DC (DC1) would have to be restored in order for Schema Master to work (allow DCpromo to work) again .  I have no intention of restoring the failed DC1.

I have Exchange servers, I will probably need to DCPromo again.

Is this true that the original failed DC1 must be restored, or can I grab the Schema role successfully and have full functionality in my domain with out having to restore the failed server  DC1?
* fsmoExchangeDomain Controller

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