If I Seize Schema Master am I required to restore failed Domain Controller?

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Seize schema master role repercussions in an 11 DC environment which is at Forest level functionality = 2003, domain level functionality= 2008 r2, and all Domain controllers on server OS=2012.
DC1, with all fsmo roles, failed.
Dc2 was able to grab all roles except Schema Master, in the ADUC Users/Computers mmc it shows "error" under current Schema Master.
In command line (netdom /query fsmo it shows
"Warning: role owner is a deleted DC".

 I was ready to use NTdsutil to seize the schema Master role, but reading up on it, it says the failed DC (DC1) would have to be restored in order for Schema Master to work (allow DCpromo to work) again .  I have no intention of restoring the failed DC1.

I have Exchange servers, I will probably need to DCPromo again.

Is this true that the original failed DC1 must be restored, or can I grab the Schema role successfully and have full functionality in my domain with out having to restore the failed server  DC1?
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As long as you have no intention of bringing DC1 back online as a domain controller, then you are good to go with seizure but since DC1 is a failed domain controller, you must make sure that you have properly cleaned it out of active directory once you have seized the role onto another domain controller.

Good reference articles:
DrDave242Principal Support Engineer

No, you should be able to seize the schema master and move on. In fact, restoring the previous schema master after seizing the role would be a bad idea.
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Don't restore DC1 now, you already seized other FSMO roles which DC1 holds previously

seize schema master role as well

Seize process is there because you cannot bring original FSMO master back online, I don't know where you got document to restore original DC back before seize schema master, that is wrong docuemntation
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Here is where I got the original documentation.

"The following table summarizes the FSMO seizing restrictions:
FSMO Role       Restrictions
Schema             **Original must be reinstalled**  <------------
Domain Naming
PDC Emulator       Can transfer back to original"

It is that comment "original must be reinstalled" that concerned me.
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You have taken it wrongly

what its saying that after seizing FSMO roles (all including schema), if you want original server back, then you must reinstall OS and promote DCs

Important: If the RID, Schema, or Domain Naming FSMOs are seized, then the original domain controller must not be activated in the forest again. It is necessary to reinstall Windows if these servers are to be used again.
The following table summarizes the FSMO seizing restrictions:

The above text is taken from same link, just above from screen shot table you posted

Petri.com is very trusted web site and never publish any wrong information as far as I know


Thanks everyone, Petri was the document I had originally wanted to use and Mahesh helped me interpret the one line that was holding me back. I did have to go into DNS and remove all references to the failed DC, even after metadata cleanup. And probably most helpful, wait for all the changes to migrate to all DCs before trying to seize the roles.
Thank you all for your help.

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