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I have a somewhat urgent need. There are about 20 people and more to come that need to see 20 photos that I own. I need the name of any site that will allow me to uplink the photos and give them the url to the particular "album" or group of photos that they need to see. They should not be able to see any other photos on this proposed site. ONLY the ones that I gave in the url. OR, If I can give them a password good only for the album in question. I do not mind paying for this service and the amount of photos  residing on this site would be under 5 gigs probably. The maximum amount of photos at any one time that would be available to a group would be under 1 gig. Any suggestions. I do have Photobucket installed but have npt had the chance to utilize the site. I don't even know if Photobucket offers this service. At the present time I need to uplink 20 photos asap.
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Google Photos, totally free.

The requirements you have, ALL fit (upload ALL your photos in the free compression type, the FULL quality type will be taken from your total storage, the compressed version NOT. Only if you use a magnifying glass will you notice the quality difference though).
After that, make albums. Each album can be shared with a unique URL. If you give that URL to a person, he can ONLY SEE THOSE PICTURES in that album you made. Obviously, you can make as many albums as you wish, even duplicates if you wish.


Thanks so much!!

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