Creating Subtotals Based on a Substring of a Field in SSRS

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Hi Experts,

I am using SSRS and I want to create a subtotal on based on the first 7 character of the AccountID field.

So the example attached, I would have a subtotal for the account 101-002-xx,  101-007-xx and 102-002-xx.

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Never used SSRS, but bsing SUBSTR should get you what you need:

select SUBSTR(AccountID,1,7), sum(Amount) from <table> group by SUBSTR(AccountID1,7)

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Ok I was able to add a subtotal to the group of accounts using the mid function but how do I add a total for only a certain account grouping?

In the screen shot below, I want to add a subtotal for all the accounts that begin with 102-xxx i.e. 10,488.57+10,245.71

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One idea is from your report's data set could you not created a calculated field based on the first 3 characters
Then add a grouping based on the calculated field that has it's own footer and place the subtotal calculation in that area

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