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Where is the Microsoft Partner Network which allows you to access your Action Pack software and licenses?

Hi experts,

I have been trying for more than an hours to fine my software licenses and software for the MAP. I know they have just recently changed to the MPN. They have always made it difficult to find, but now it is more difficult than ever. I have been going round and round and round. I get to pages that show my company and logged in and my ID number. The URL says microsoftpartnernetwork right in it. I try Dashboard. I try the video. I seriously think I will not be able to use my software, which I recently paid for.

Any idea of what site I need to use. To make it even more difficult, most pages have the 50 options at the bottom of the page with the option of clicking on Action Pack and My software, etc., which just takes you to the exciting news that Microsoft has once again made it easier and yet harder to find by changing to Microsoft Partner Network.


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