CloudWatch of AWS Instance connection or unexpected restarts

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Dear Experts,

Can we configure AWS CloudWatch to do the following monitoring roles?

1. Disconnection of instance to customer firewall as we configured VPC connection
2. Server instance suddenly shuts down or restarts unexpectedly.
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Michel SakrRounded IT Consultant / Projects manager / Cloud Consultant / IT Planning


1.I did not understand exactly what is required here, if NEtwork connectivity, check the Health service
2. Yes, in the cloudwatch rule to create select in the source event pattern, Service name EC2, Event type: EC2 instance state change notification, select specific state and in the drop down select the state you want to monitor (shutting down)
Anonymous KHIT Engineer


For the network connectivity, we have configured their Sophos Firewall to connect to the AWS with 2 VPN connections.

Is there a way to configure a notification if either one or both connections to the AWS are down?
Anonymous KHIT Engineer


How do I configure notification in CloudWatch when an undesired status of the instance is detected?
Anonymous KHIT Engineer


I have created a cloudwatch to monitor instance status (Any).

    "metrics": [
        [ "AWS/EC2", "StatusCheckFailed", "InstanceId", "i-0dd2276c7c022ec9e" ]
    "period": 60,
    "stat": "Maximum",
    "title": "Instance_Status_Check_Failed",
    "region": "ap-southeast-1",
    "view": "timeSeries",
    "stacked": false

But the state is "INSUFFICIENT_DATA"

The instance Alarm Status is "No Data"

What is the threshold config like as I do not understand it.
Senior Technical Architect

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