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Unable to see graphics embedded in form with MS Access

I am having trouble getting my Access 2K application to run with the Access 2016 runtime.  

I started with an Access 2K MDB file.
I opened it with Office 360 and then saved in in Access 2002-2003 format as an MDB.

Next I compiled the Access 2002-2003 mdb with Office 360 and created an MDE.
Finally I downloaded the Access 2016 Runtime to another machine... this one did not have Office 360... it was a clean install of Win10 with just the Access 2K Runtime.

When I run mde on the machine with Office 360 installed everything is perfect.  The images I have embedded in every form are perfect.

When I run the MDE on the machine using the Access 2016 Runtime, the application mostly works. but a few things are wrong.
For example, NONE of the images embedded in my forms are there.  They are all missing.

I thought this would be a good place to start... Any ideas what's wrong?
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Daniel Pineault

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@Daniel..  Thank you.  I found a solution that was not in the post, however your link certainly put me on the correct track.

To help any 32-bit 2016 Runtime users I will post my solution.

The problem is that when you have an existing MS Access MDB and you attempt to use it with the MS Access 2016 runtime any images that you may have loaded into forms or reports may not display.

This problem cost me a lot of time and for me, had two simple solutions.

From my reading in Daniels link, and other places it took me, it seems that a but was introduced in Access 2016.  This problem seems to have been fixed by Microsoft and "may" not exist in the latest release of Access 2016 (per my readings, not verified by me), however, the problem does NOT exist in the current release of Office 365.

The first thing I tried which is the first solution for me was to uninstall the Access 2016 Runtime, and install the Access 2013 Runtime.  This completely solved my problem.

The second solution I used, which is what I am using now, was to uninstall the Access 2016 Runtime and install the Office 365 Access Runtime.  This also completely solved my problem.

I also checked the release date of the current Access 2016 Runtime... its 2019 now... the current Access 2016 runtime does not appear to have been updated in years.... so it doesn't surprise me that the problem still exists.

Crazy hah?  Using the 32-bit Access 2016 Runtime causes forms and reports not to display embedded images.  Its true.  Thank for your help Daniel.  Hope this post will help someone.
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Daniel Pineault

Any time, and thank you for posting the steps you took to resolve the issue as I'm sure it will help others!