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I need a quick list of the most recent login time for users starting with Avaya-*

Thor2923 asked
I have a windows 2012 AD Domain. The Telecom department came to me with a list of user accounts connected to our phone system They want a list of the last time each account has logged in. In checking ADUC, it appears if I display a user name and go to the OBJECT tab, the MODIFIED tab reveals the last time an account connected. I am trying to do an advance search and search for all accounts starting with AVAYA- and the MODIFIED date of each account. Assuming this does indicate the last time an account connected, which it appears to . I do not care if I use ADUC or a Powershell script. An out put file would be nice too if possible. OR if someone has a better way to get a list of the last time all accounts starting with Avaya- logged in, that would be fine too. ALl ideas welcome
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Probably not helpful to you right now, but I routinely rollout a GPO and logon/logoff scripts that create simple text files on a server share for auditing these events. Bit of effort to set up, but usually turns out to be well worth the effort. Can even create a link on managers desktops, so they can better snoop on staff.

Scripts I have in use at the moment are below:

echo Logon,%DATE%,%TIME%,%COMPUTERNAME% >> \\dc01\onofflogs$\%USERNAME%.txt
echo Logoff,%DATE%,%TIME%,%COMPUTERNAME% >> \\dc01\onofflogs$\%USERNAME%.txt

This creates a new text file for each user, with one line for each logon and logoff event, with the date, time and machine name included. Really useful!
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Above will work for interactive logons only. I suggest you enable auditing and pull this info from the logs.

If you use the above, only give write access. This information is a goldmine for hackers