HTTPS - Connection Timed Out

i have a virtual machine within Azure which serves up a web site.

when i navigate to it works fine.  i purchased a SSL certificate and it imported into IIS.  i edited the bindings for the cert using the default port of 443.  i added the site's name to the bindings.  

when i navigate to i get a "The connection has timed out" error.

the firewall rules allow 443 (default rule).

what else can i check and/or modify within IIS or the OS?  any help is appreciated.

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on the server, execute
 netstat -na | findstr 443
is there such line as
 TCP                LISTENING

on the client, try to execute
telnet 443
does the server respond?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Surely is who you bought the virtual host from rather than your own host's DNS name?
freezingHotAuthor Commented:
yes, this one of the responses:

 TCP                LISTENING

telnet 443 - could not open connection to the host
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freezingHotAuthor Commented:
i own and have it being forwarded to the virtual machine.
if you do
telnet 443
from the server itself, does it connect?
freezingHotAuthor Commented:
same thing on the local server - can't open connection.
zc2Commented: may not be resolved (does it?) to the local IP address. Try instead
telnet localhost 443
freezingHotAuthor Commented:
yes, telnet localhost 443 appears to connect.

the server using nslookup does resolve to the proper public IP address.
Does the public IP address actually equal the inner interface IP address?
If not, try to add a line like the following to the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
< local interface IP address>

How many sites on this server?
If there only one, try to remove the "Host name" from the binding.
Then you should be able to test is the site acceptable by https://localhost
freezingHotAuthor Commented:
i added the line into the hosts file.  when i did, i was able to telnet 443 on the local server.

i removed from the bindings as it is the only website being served; however, neither fixed connecting from the outside world.

when i telnet 443 on an outside machine, i still get the connection error.

the local server presents the default home page when i navigate to, but i can't do it from the outside world.
Looks like a firewall issue. Can you temporary turn the firewall off and try connect from the outside again?

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freezingHotAuthor Commented:
same thing with the firewall off - turned off both private and public
Do you have a firewall in the Azure virtual network?
freezingHotAuthor Commented:
Azure firewall didn't have 443 enabled.  thank you very much for your time!
You are welcome!
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