How to map the value to the variable dynamically in Execute Process Task : SSIS Package?

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How to fetch value from a variable in the Process Task in SSIS?

In the Control Flow : - I have  

1 ) Execute SQL Task - > In which i have a select query which fetches 3 row of records. Each mapped to 3 variables.
Variable is mapped to pick the folder path value which is configured in the database.

2) Execute Process Task -> Property ->
                                       Executable ->  I have mapped the physical folder path to it. ( Hard Coded ).

Objective : To get the value of Folder Path from SQL Database and assigned to the variable.

How to map the value to the variable dynamically in  Execute Process Task : SSIS Package?
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Doug BishopDatabase Developer

You can create a variable in your package. Create an Execute SQL task with code similar to:
SELECT ? = TOP 1 my_column FROM myTable
Then in the task's Parameter Mapping tab, select the variable you created and set direction to Output.
Database Developer
In the flat file (or whatever format you are exporting to) connection,  you would use that variable as the path for the destination using an Expression to define the path.
For example: ConnectionString = @[User::FolderPath] + "myFile.txt"

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