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Microsoft Excel: An unexpected error occured: Exception has been thrwon by the target of an invocation

When launching Excel, I received a message of the following: Excel is running into problems with the "addin.7e39bacf03f440129bebf0c0891c57e6 add-in. If this keeps happening, disable this add-in and check for available updates. Do you want to disable it now? I opted into disabling the addin.

When launching Excel after this step, I receive the following message, "An unexpected error occurred: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation".

The following steps I have taken to attempt to resolve the issue includes the following:
1. Office Repair
2. Uninstall/Re-install Excel
3. Disabled all Com-ins and Add-ins in Excel

I would kindly appreciate others expertise on how I can resolve this issue with the pop up message populating upon the launch of Excel.

Many Thanks,
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Jan Karel Pieterse
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If you open File, Options, Add-ins tab and click the drop-down and choose "COM add-ins" and then click "Go...", which add-ins are listed and checked?
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Daniel Pineault

Does the issue occur if you open Excel in safe mode?
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Jan, I sorry I forgot to mention, I deselected all add-ins under the "COM add-ins" as a steps as well, but still run into the same pop up when launching Excel.

Daniel, I will give this a try with opening Excel in safe mode. If there is no error in safe mode, what steps would you recommend taking?
Version of MS Excel?

If it is Excel 2010, check for whether KB4461627 update has been installed and remove the windows update.
You do not need to remove other Add-ins, just remove COM Add-Ins. You can select them from Manage drop-down list.
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Read the blog: How to fix Excel unexpected error.

Good Luck!
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Jan Karel Pieterse
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Jackie-We are on version 2016 of Excel.

Travis-I will give this a try and review the article you posted.

Jan Karel- This is on a business machine. There's no business requirements in general that I'm aware of other than utilizing a program called SAGE, which generates a report in Excel for our end user.
I guess you should get hold of your IT dept to get this resolved.
Hello Everyone,

We were able to connect with our SAGE vendor who was able to help with resolving the Add-in issue which correlated to a reporting function that generates a report in Excel. I appreciate everyone's feedback.

Many Thanks,
I guess now is the time to assign points :-)
How would I go about that. Are points assigned when you mark this as, "Yes! This is my Solution" or is there another way to accomplish this task?