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VC Flex-10 10Gb module firmware "not in Sync"

Our customer has an HP VC Flex-10 10GB E-net module fail in interconnect bay 2 on his BladeSystem c-Class chassis and was sent a replacement.
The customer's modules have FW 4.45 and he wants the replacement to have the same firm.
We don't handle firmware issues in our small shop and I have no idea what's on the replacement sent to him.
How does he synchronize the FW on both modules if they do not match?
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Can you even download the correct firmware from HPE? If they sent you the replacement or the enclosure is under warranty or maintenance with them then probably (but you would have spoken to them by now), if not then they consider firmware to be intellectual property and don't give it away freely any more and you may have to pay for it. Amazingly this practice is currently legal.
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Thank you, the customer used the VCSU to bring the firmware up to the desired level but the operation failed several time.
He was attempting the process after inserting the replacment in same slot the failed module was in and with the existing working module still operating .
As it turns out, he needed to insert the replacement module in an empty slot in an interconnect row that does not contain the operating Flex-10 module and run VCSU with health override option when performing the update.
He decided to perfom the update in a decommissioned chassis he had available and everything went well.
As far as getting firmware, the equipment is no longer under HP maintenance but I think they already had the proper file they needed.