Issue installing multiple fonts in windows 1803

I am having an issue with installing fonts. I have six Europe fonts bold, boldItalic, light, lightItalic,regular and regularItalic, all seperate otf files. I install the first one and it works as expected but when I try to install the next file windows prompts with a duplicate file error. If I tell windows to overwrite the file then the first font changes of course to the new font. For example I Installed Europe-Bold.otf and then installed europe-boldItalic.otf and it just replaced the first bold font I installed. Any ideas? This is a windows 1803 build
William PriceAsked:
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Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
Using Windows File Explorer, highlight all of the font files, right click and then click Install.

Does that resolve your error?
William PriceAuthor Commented:
no itried that and after it installs the first font it pops an error on the second font install saying it is already installed.
can it be it sees these different forms of the same font as one font?
did you check if all the font formats are installed?
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William PriceAuthor Commented:
"nobus" Not sure what you mean by "all the font formats" I have six .otf files for the Europe font family all the same .otf format.
i meant that these "  I have six Europe fonts bold, boldItalic, light, lightItalic,regular and regularItalic, "  can be parts of the same font, eg Araial, Calibri or such
William PriceAuthor Commented:
Yes they are I guess, but how do I install them without getting the errors?
Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
William, can you share a link to where you downloaded these font from?
William PriceAuthor Commented:
My client paid a consultation team to do a rebrand, and the team they hired bought the fonts and then just sent a zip with the fonts in it.
Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
It's quite possible they (consultation team) screwed up then because the problem doesn't make any sense. If they were all distinct fonts, then they would install without this type of error. Ways I can see this happening is that they are indeed the same fonts, only renamed at the wrong level (file name). Possibly done to justify a purchase that wasn't made? Not saying that's what happened, but it needs to be investigated in my view. I would contact the consultant and ask for the source where the fonts were purchased from as a first step.

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William PriceAuthor Commented:
Thanks - That is what I was thinking thank you for  helping me confirm it I will have my client reach out to the team they hired to have the fonts resent.
Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
You're welcome William. Please do update this thread once it's resolved.
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