On Ubuntu Linux, How to Find One Hotspot From Android Device Among 100+ Other Hotspots?

Jerry L
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Ubuntu Linux 16.04
Android Phone

We are on the floor of a convention and trying to connect our linux machine to our Android hot spot. There are too many WiFi hotspots and we cannot find the one from our phone.

On our Linux machine, how to find the hotspot that is being generated by our Android phone? Is there a way to search for the specific hotspot name? Is there a way to turn off the other 100 or more hotspots that are filling up the queue?
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from your android mobile---- go to settings

then--- portable hotspot---setup wi-fi hot spot--- there is option create name of the hotspot--- give specific name

in security-- give WPA2 PSK---give password.

then select ap band.... finish the setup.

restart your android device----go to settings-----portable hotspot----- make it on ( if off)

then search from linux system... you will find the specific wifi-hotspot.

You can also connect to a hotspot from the command line using wpasupplicant. That way you don't need to scan ssid's first.

Read up here.

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Thanks for that suggestion.

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