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I'm upgrading a cluster of hosts to 6.5 and wondering if it would break anything if I rename the cluster to 6.5. At the moment its 5.5?

Its an easy process, just wondering if things like Veeam backup will stop working

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Simple - no problems - should occur.

Renamed our vSphere Cluster using Web Client from Production to Production1 -  no issues.

Veeam Backup and Replication - no issues with backups or restores detected.

Veeam automatically detects the change in the Inventory.

(names are for humans, Veeam uses ids (numbers) which has not changed).

Worth questioning your choice of cluster name, as using the version number as a cluster name means you've have to rename it each time you upgrade. You could resolve this by using a different name :-)

Anyway, yes, you can rename this without a problem for VMware, but other 3rd party apps may be affected. As noted above Veeam should be fine but without knowing what other utilities you use we cant be sure that nothing else would be affected.

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