getting error message "the datasource cannot be found" when trying to preview SSRS report in visual studio

blossompark used Ask the Experts™
I have opened an RDL file in Visual Studio 8, when I preview the report, I get an error message  “The selected Data Source cannot be found”.
When I go to the DataSource properties, it tells me to verify that the DataSource be included in the Project.
I do not have the rds file.

Within the Report Server Database I can see an entry for the Datasource in a table DataSource.
Is there someway I can extract this database entry into an rds file?
any guidance appreciated.
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Database Analyst
This is how you can script all the data sources as I assume your VS 8 is on different server than the DB and maybe you can't connect to that data source right?

Also why not using much smaller, better, easier to use ReportBuilder instead of VS?


Hi Icohan,
thanks for that....regarding report builder..... this is just one of a series of reports that is running on a production server and nobody knows where the project files are....just arrived here a few days ago...not that familiar with reporting services so trying to find my feet, i found the rdl file and was hoping to run the report in visual studio but came up with this issue... ultimately am hoping to be able to find the backend sql queries that this report uses as colleagues need to check its accuracy
lcohanDatabase Analyst

Well I think you will find the "SSRS Diagnostics Report Pack" extremely useful in your case and my advice is to install it and get familiar with the "Report Administration" reports as they are best to provide all sort of useful info including the "Report Queries" report you just mentioned above. It is a bit of work to set it up but great benefits afterwards in my opinion. I attached a screen shot the way I set it up on one of mine SSRS reporting servers and it is as simple as copy and unzip SSRS Diagnostics Report then create a shared data source DS_REPORTSERVER on your report server then import the RDL files.


thanks Icohan, thats great :-)

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