Configure a printer to Ethernet in iseries (as400)


I have an ISERIES and I have a Printronix 7010 printer (matrix) attached to it through a twinax controller. I need to switch this printer from twinax to network.

Could you please help me to the necessary steps to configure this printer to be used over the network instead using a twinax controller?

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you
Agnes SevillaAsked:
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Hi Agnes,

This link should have everything you need to know about configuring ANY IP printer:

Printronix P7010 hsa a lot of options and emulations, so the specific config may depend on how that printer is setup.  Looks like it is a choice  between the basic ASCII printer setup, IBM ProPrinter emulation, or Epson FX-1070 emulation.  You may want to experiment with each of these to see what gives you the best results.

Also, looks like it support SNMP, IPP, and LPR.  SNMP usually provides the best support, the IPP, then SNMP.

Details of each of these variations is covered in the support article.

Post back if you have specific questions.
What type of connector is on the printer, only Twinax or is there a parallel port as well?

Either way you will need an adapter to plug it into an RJ45 port. Parallel to Ethernet adapters are freely available. For Twinax, this link gives ideas on how to go about it.
Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for answer late but I had an emergency.

hdhondt and Gary, the printer has a Ethernet connection in the back. The thing is, we will get a new server Power 8 to replace the Iseries. Right now this printer is connected to the Iseries through an controller, this is our main printer and was configured like this:

 Opt  Device      Type        Text                                
      PRT01       4234        CREATED BY AUTO-CONFIGURATION        

Now an technician from our business partner says that we need to put this printer in our network before they transfer all our data from the iseries to the power 8 server.

I want to connect the Ethernet cable and unplug the twinax and see what the control panel from the printer shows but I do not want to mess it up the twinax configuration.

I will read the links that you sent me. Gary, do I need to create a remote outq?  

Thank you!!!
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This Spiceworks page gives instructions on setting up a TCP/IP printer under AS400. Setting up the printer itself for TCP/IP is covered in the User Manual, starting on page 87
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Agnes,  remote outq config is easiest.  You don't need to change or delete the twinax config.  Here's how to test:

1) Disconnect twinax cable.
2) Vary off twinax devd
3) Disable twinax interface on printer, if necessary.  Some printers don't allow you to have two interfaces configured at once.  You'll need to check the printer documentation for the specifics.
4) Configure ethernet on printer (enable ethernet if needed, assign printer IP address, assign gateway address if needed)
5) Verify that you can ping the printer from IBM i (PING 'printer_ip_address') from IBM i command line.
6) Configure remote outq pointing to IP address you configured on printer.  
7) Test print.

Post back if you have trouble:  I've configured hundreds of IP printers on IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400..

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Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:
I will follow your suggestions guys and I will be back if I have problems.

Thank you so much for help me I know your time is gold.

Thank you again!!!
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Happy to help.  Post back or open a new question if you run into problems.
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