Can not identify Cisco Aeronet AP flashing red/green.

amigan_99 used Ask the Experts™
I have an unlabeled Cisco Access Point blinking green and red. Alas it's also unlabeled and
it's at a remote site. I don't see any ports flapping on the switches and if I show cdp nei
on the switches the resulting APs are matching what I'm seeing in the Wirelss LAN controller.

My understanding of red/green flashing is that it means the AP is trying to register to a WLC
unsuccessfully. Where would I see logging evidence of an AP unsuccessfully trying to register?
Any other thoughts on how I might be able to get more info on this flashing AP? AIR-CAP35
(Aeronet 3500 series AP)

Users in the vicinity of the flashing AP have been reporting bad performance. This could
be a red herring or perhaps related. Thank you.
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please check the input can check with ap-log also.
assume it is not getting proper power which is required
amigan_99Network Engineer


I seem to not be able to SSH to the AP itself.

Is ap-log visible in the WLC?
you need to  get AP console logs available..and if ap is getting ip properly, then you can connect ap  to the syslog server for log.

second, are you using POE ....and if possible try to use direct power.

if you say unlabeled, you mean this is not an ap you own ?
amigan_99Network Engineer


I mean it's mounted in the ceiling of a remote office and it lacks a label identify it. There are 10 APs that are registered to the WLC. But I'm not certain if this is one of them or one that's failed to register. I checked cdp neighbors at the switches and those are all accounted for in the WLC. Anyhow - it's definitely one of ours.

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