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Unable to Access Web Site on port 9080 using NLB

Windows 2012 R2 Data Center
VMWare ESXI 6.5

I built 4 Windows 2012 R2 Data Center VM Servers.

Two Running NLB IIS URL Rewrite etc.      2 Nodes

Two others are Web Servers IIS  

Why I do    which is the Virtual IP Address on the NLB Servers
I get the default web page on port 80     that works great

I have other web sites on different ports
When I try to access them I get  

This website could not be found.


On the NLB configuration I added port 9080  

How do I get to my other sites using the virtual ip address?

Happy new year

Thank you

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Try instead (add "s" to http)
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Same results.

I think I need to add to the web farm different ip address for each web site so I can bind them in IIS

Not sure. I will keep looking.
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Did you give the web site a virtual name?  You may need to use that instead of the IP address.  Did you add the IP address as the "virtual web site" in IIS?  It may not answer to the IP if you didn't set it up to answer to the IP.  That default response may be coming from the default web site.

I am able to browse my sites on the Web Server no problem.

Just having issues when trying to use the Load Balancer

I am thinking it might be the URL Rewrite Rules   this is new to me

My default port 80 site works fine using the virtual ip of the load balancer

I created a separate server farm for each site that way I can run a health test on each

NLB1                                 NLB2
IIS                                       IIS
ARR                                    ARR
URL Rewrite                     URL Rewrite
File Services                      File Services
DFS-R                                 DFS-R

Server Farm

WEB1                                  WEB2
IIS                                        IIS
File Services                      File Services
DFS-R                                 DFS-R

So on NLB1  I created three Server Farms

I am thinking my url rewrite rules need adjustments.

See attached.
Any ideas guys
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