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Invalid handle error message when trying to connect to a pc on network

Hi -

A client has a Windows 7 pc running as a file server on a workgroup, As of this morning, no user can connect to the pc via RUN or network browser. An error message comes up saying :
\\  the handle is invalid.
Here is what i have done so far:
Changed IP address
Changed Network Name
Switch off Firewall
Switch off AV
Swap network switch and restart it

Ping does get a reply from server
The pc does see other computers and can connect to them .

Any help gratefully received.

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Did SMBv1 get removed? Recent updates?

From a source machine, type

Net Use X: \\ipaddress\folder and authenticate. What numerical error do you get?
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I get system error 05 has occured

The local device name is already in use.

By the way , i can connect to the PC via RDP as well. Its just network shares that dont work.
I did also remove all services and clients from the network adapter and then re install + disable and re-enable file and printer sharing...
Changed Network Name

Does this mean WORKGROUP Name?  I just use WORKGROUP.  If you changed this, all computers would need to be restarted.

Are there machines with the same Computer Names as other machines?  

In Network and Sharing Center, Advanced Settings, make sure (all machines) HomeGroup is OFF and Password Protected Sharing is ON.
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When i said changed network name i meant NETBIOS name -
I did not change Workgroup,
I will check if there are other pcs with the same names.
All pcs that are switched on have HomeGroup off and password protected sharing on.

I have ordered a new network card for these clients but i dont think that is the issue Event viewer doesn't point to anything obvious , i think you could be right about SMB - seeing that its the protocol responsible for accessing network shares.All other communication methods work. Ping, RDP, network browser.
NETBIOS is disappearing and WSD is becoming current. So use WSD and NET USE.   That works better than browsing.

I have ordered a new network card …  <-- It could be the network card on the "server"

On each machine, run TCP/IP Reset and DNS Flush.

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator
Then: netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Then: ipconfig /flushdns
Then: restart the computers
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Hi John - i have done that now - still having the same issue!
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Also look at this article that DOES point to yesterday's patch Tueday

I am still studying this, but you may need to uninstall the update. And of course, restore to prior point should work.

Apparent workaround here:
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Hi John - yes just did that and it seems to have resolved the issue! Big thanks. There was a critical update last night so who knows what that wrangled. What's the best way to work out which update caused this and disable it?
You need to go through the Microsoft KB article above. It is the update 4480970
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Ah - just read your last post. It all makes sense now! Good homework. I think we can close this one and i will apply the fix/workaround once i have a quiet moment to apply the update again.
Thanks and I was happy to help. Good luck with the workaround.
Thanks for the info.  I was able to resolve my issues using this.

I have 16 locations, half of which are on Server 2008 and the other half 2012.  My Win 7 machines would not connect to the shared drives on the 2008 servers this morning.  I uninstalled update 4480970 on the WS, restarted and still could not get it to connect.  I then uninstalled from the server and all WSs including the ones I had not uninstalled the 4480970 from fired right in.

Thanks again for the info and I hope the little bit of extra info I gave helps out other users.
I walked in this morning to the same issues I had yesterday.  Gratefully I knew what the error was this time.  If you are reading this thread to resolve your issue, make sure once your server restarts to check for Windows Updates again and hide the update so it doesn't reinstall on you again.  Taking the extra step will save you from hitting your head against the wall again :).