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I have asmx and I hope to have html / jquery to consume it.
The asmx below using class library as parameter.

I do not know how to consume it on html/jquery. Can you show me how to do that?


        public string CreateDisciplinaryComplaintInPDF(Domain.DisciplinaryComplaint dd)
            Controller.PDFservice ps = new Controller.PDFservice();
            Domain.DisciplinaryComplaint ddNew = new Domain.DisciplinaryComplaint();
            #region data mapping
            ddNew.fullName = dd.fullName;            
            string returnString =  ps.GetDisciplinaryComplaintDownloadData(dd);
            return returnString;

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Keep in mind ASMX has been deprecated by WCF.

Be sure to check your data producer + verify ASMX is actually still in use.

Also verify if there's a date when ASMX will be retired.

If there is a retirement date, best to write all your code using WCF docs.


We have to use ASMX. It is from one of our very old application. We won't be able to switch to WCF.

However, if you can show me how to do it with WCF, I will take a look. Thanks
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what do you mean by "consume"?
usually we want to know what to put in the asmx instead trying to force client side to "consume" something

it look like you're trying to display a pdf in a page using javascript
you should create an iframe (or a popup) and just call your asmx page, you don't need jQuery for that purpose
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Take a look at :


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