How Do I Turn Most Visited Sites Back On?

I am using FF 64 and I inadvertently turned off my Most Visited sites option on my start page.  How do I get it back?
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Andrew LeniartIT Consultant & Freelance JournalistCommented:
Switch the Top Sites option on in Options > Home Panel
Alex LimIT Solution Consultant @ pupuweb.comCommented:
Hi sharingsunshine,

Good day.
You may like to consider below method:

Method #1: Open "Most Recent Visit" column in History Manager Library
There is a Visit Count column (Views -> Columns) available in the History Manager (Library) and you can sort the history by this column.
Method #2: Most Visited Smart Bookmark
Most Visited: Available from the Bookmarks toolbar, this folder lists pages you have visited the most number of times.
Let us know if this information helpful.
Alex LimIT Solution Consultant @ pupuweb.comCommented:
And of course, as mentioned by Andrew:

Method #3: Check "Top Sites" option in preference
Enter "about:preferences#home" in address bar and make sure "Top Sites" is checked.
More alternate solutions here: [Solved] How Do I Enable Top Sites or Most Visited Sites and Site Visit Count in Firefox Quantum 64
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sharingsunshineAuthor Commented:
none of these suggestions are working.  I can now see blank squares called top sites and another set called highlights on my start page.  But after repeated usage of the browser none of the boxes are filling in.

I then went to the link and tried solution #4 using the about:config option.  The only problem it says there should be a browser.newtab.url option but there isn't as you can see.

How do I get back my past visited sites?  Or, how do I get the browser to start filling in new ones?
Alex LimIT Solution Consultant @ pupuweb.comCommented:
Hi sharingsunshine,

Good day.

Perhaps you can try to perform right click to create a new string with preference name:

Open in new window

then string value:

Open in new window

, after that restart FF.

Thank you.
Andrew LeniartIT Consultant & Freelance JournalistCommented:
I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling FireFox completely.

First, uninstall FireFox the usual way you would uninstall any other program - add/remove programs

Next, browse to the following folder using Windows File Explorer


Rename the Firefox folder in there to Firefox.old

Now reinstall Firefox with default settings. You will need to replace your Favorites as well as any add-ins.

Can almost guarantee the above will work.

Regards, Andrew

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sharingsunshineAuthor Commented:
Andrew, reloading FF and leaving the box checked that eliminates add-ons and sets everything back to default did the trick.

Alex, using the right click allowed me to type something in under the new category but it was a farce because I could never find it to update the value.
Andrew LeniartIT Consultant & Freelance JournalistCommented:
Andrew, reloading FF and leaving the box checked that eliminates add-ons and sets everything back to default did the trick.
Thanks for that update sharingsunshine. Yes, that would achieve the same result - I only suggested the method I did because you get to retain your old profile in case you need to switch back to copy something from it.

Great to hear you got it sorted.
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