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How to get the batch file executed upon usb thumb drive plug in?

This is an intention to run a batch file from the usb thumb drive when this thumb drive plug into the desktop or laptop. Targeting MS WIndows  7/10/2008/201. Please see the contents of the autorun.inf as follows,


The "autorun" didn't seem to fire up.  How to get this automatic function works?

thanks in advance.
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Dr. Klahn

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In Windows 7 or above AutoPlay will not support the AutoRun

Is security feature that was introduced for contrast Conflicker
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Hi both,

Can Auto Play be used ? So as a screen, with the given batch file presented for running?
Or else, any alternative way with minimal intervention from the user?

Autoplay is not a best practice... the correct way is start manually

But try explain better your scenario and why you want give to yours users an autostart thumb drive for execute a bat, so we try suggest an alternative solution
Thanks for both experts - Dr. Klahn and Ermanno in pointing out the autorun and autoplay are "prone" to introduce viruses into the PC. Now, I get the user to run the required batch file instead and this works.