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MDT, 4K Driver for Win PE Injection

Microsoft MDT. We are trying to find out how we can inject 4K video drivers into the Windows PE. I have been trying to find a driver for a Geforce 1070 that we can inject. Everything so far is an ".exe" from Nivida and I cannot find a ".inf" driver to use. Does anyone know where to find 4K driver and how to inject 4K driver/s into Win PE and MDT?

Currently we are trying to get MDT PXE to work on and Origin laptop with a Nivida GeForce 1070 video built into the motherboard. We can get the PXE to work with the laptop but the video screen box is to small and we cannot see all of the deployment questions being asked. We got the laptop to image because we know the answers to MDT. Once we get it imaged, we can install the correct video driver.
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