Some Word documents sent as attachments in Outlook are missing text

Hello fellow Experts Exchange members:

I have one user who reports that she often sends the same Word document (updated constantly) to the same users.

She reports that recently the recipients reported that the Word documents they received are missing text and have lines out-of-order.

I have attached a screenshot of the original document and the document the recipients received.  (Text has been blacked out for privacy, and missing text on the received document is indicated by brown squares).

All of the users are in the same mail domain handled by the same Exchange server, and no other users have reported any issues with Word attachments missing information.

The user attaches the Word document using the "Attach Item" button in a mail message in Outlook and not using the "Send As" button in Word.

She reports that even test messages sent to herself are missing text, but she has not experienced any other issues with her computer.

I have reviewed the event log entries on both her computer and the Exchange server but have not discovered anything suspicious.

Have any Experts Exchange members experienced a similar situation and could offer pointers on the resolution?


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Hello, out of curiosity is this hosted /lice MS office?
Are the office/word versions the same across clients?
Are these Thin client sessions, xenserver or vm desktops or thinapps?

How does the data look if the word doc is saved as something else .htm, pdf, or even doc vs docx file and then sent in comparison?

Thank you.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Are they using different versions of Word? That could be an issue.

Also, if they are using non-standard Windows fonts, that can yield weird results if someone without those fonts opens the file on another pC.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Couple of other options:

1) Starting a new email and using the Outlook "Attach item" option and browsing to the file location will attach the latest saved version; if amendments have been made and not saved they will not show in the sent document.

Whereas using the Share and Send As attachment option will open a new email and attach a copy of the current file with amendments even if they haven't been saved.

Resolution: Use the Share function within Word or ensure the file is saved before attaching to an email.

2) Is it possible that the previously sent version is somehow cached on the recipient machine so the recipient is viewing an older version of the file; similar to when working offline and coming back online.

Resolution: Don't know; might not even be possible for this to happen.
KYiin-ComputerMDAuthor Commented:
Hello fellow Experts Exchange members:

After troubleshooting the issue further, I instructed the user to e-mail the document directly from Microsoft Word using the Email button from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Since using the Email button from within Microsoft Word, neither she nor any other users have had any issues sending the document via e-mail.

It seems there was likely an issue where Outlook was attaching an old or temporary copy of the document that was stored in the Offline Files cache.

Thank you for very much for your assistance, and we can now close this case!



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I got distracted, I meant to come back and suggest deleting the ost and having it be regenerated or temp turning off cache mode and testing... Glad it's fixed.
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