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Problem with Redirected Profiles in Windows Server 2008

Our network consists of six Windows 2008 R2 servers.  We have implemented redirected profiles using a group policy.  This works on four of the six servers - when I logon to the four on which it works, my full profile is available and works.  On the other two, however, I'm able to logon using my network credentials, but they fail to load the correct profile.  Does someone know what might be going on and what we may have done incorrectly?
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Have you checked if the GPO is applying on the other server?
There could be a security or WMI filter preventing it from applying on that machine.
Do you get a temporary profile on the 2 servers or just the wrong one?
Do those 2 servers choke on every user or just you?
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Robert:  I've checked the GPO settings and it looks like it's being applied consistently across all servers.

Scott:  We just get the wrong profile, not a temporary one.  Right now, it appears just to be one of my admin user accts.
If it is just one account, then you might have a corrupted user profile.

Is it roaming profiles, or folder redirection? They are different and might need different solutions...
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We're using folder redirection and not roaming profiles for some reason.

If the right profile isn't being loaded on just two servers, how would we go about fixing that?
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Thanks much!  Based on the information and explanation you provided, I was able to fix the issue.
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