Copy Large Number of Files Using PowerShell

Ray Turner
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How do you use PowerShell to copy all files in a directory (with all sub-folders) on the drive to another drive?

For example

xcopy c:\test\*.* d:\test /s
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Your best bet will be to use robocopy with the switch to copy all subfolders and to keep the same security settings of the original folder
robocopy <Sourcepath> <Destinationpath> /s /e /copyall

ref link:
RobertSystem Admin

I agree with Fox Robocopy is the way to go.
However if you need to do it with powershell for some reason the Copy-Item command using the -Recurse option would copy all sub folders.
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I've been trying to substitute robocopy and xcopy with my PowerShell script :)

So I'd go and use my script.
Ray TurnerSenior Consultant


Thanks!  This is great!

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