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Joel Brown
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We're using WordPress for our Extranet site which is stored on servers outside of our organization.  We usually upload files to the site that users can download by clicking on a link.   Problem is every time we update a document we need to upload it again.

Is there a way to create a WP link that references a local file on our servers. ?     The computers that are accessing this site are all on our network and would have access to this location.

Thanks ….

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David FavorFractional CTO
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You can create any type of link you like + only people with access to local links can access local links.

This can become very complex, as they may require adding many people to complex local file shares.

Likely the way you're handling this process now is most straight forward.

Trying to serve local links... might turn sap an enormous amount of time to get working + then keep working.

The only way you can access to the working file and keep a trace of the file on a PC / Server is using ActiveX.
This what we use for our a file management system and I did several research and there is no other way I 'm aware to do it.
Like SSL certificate,  ActiveX need to be created and renew every year you can generate your own ActiveX but it's causing several security warning and issues so we end up to pay for getting one.
Joel BrownIT Director


Thanks for all the help.   I wasn't able to find the answer I needed.


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