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Office 365 support


we  have migrated  our email server to 0365 and I have some  questions:

1)  When an employ quit the company, I would like to set up automated message to send to the sender something like the below

Your message to n.papa@domain  couldn't be delivered.
n.papa wasn't found at domain

How  can I enable that feature. Note that, I don't want to delete the mailbox nor to make it share,.

Second question

2)  I would like to enable the feature on a  office 365 group   Send copies of group conversations and events to group member's inboxes   BUT I cannot with the message

Can't save "Send copies of group conversations and events to group member's inboxes" and/or "Let people outside the organization email the group" properties. If you have recently created this group, please try again in a few minutes.

I have done it  with no success

Your fast responses are highly appreciated

Best Regards,

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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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1) Do you want an actual NDR message sent? If so, use transport rules. If you want a "free text" reply, there's no such feature. Closest you can get is Auto-replies, or Inbox rules. Both require you to keep the mailbox active, and licensed.

2) Did you try setting it via PowerShell? Sadly, it's not that uncommon for Groups to experience such behavior, sometimes for weeks...
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Mario Papa


Hello Vasil
thank you for your fast reply. I want a predefined NDR, is there such a template? where are those trasport rules?

I dont know how to  use u know the command for that? and how  to connect on the 0365  EAC with Powershell

I'm not sure which license your users have or how you have your mailboxes configured but if all of your mailboxes are on litigation hold, once your o365 users are deleted the mailbox will always be there to recover mail from and all senders will receive the NDR posted earlier.
The users   have Office 365 Enterprise E3.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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thanks a lot for your replies