Can someone provide examples of working AAPT IP based trunks in 3CX?

Hi All, I am attempting to configure an AAPT IP based trunk in 3CX via a dedicated TPG SIP service, and am struggling to get it working.

What I really am after is examples of working AAPT trunk configurations that I can compare my set up to.

If anyone out there could provide some examples of correct trunk configuration, I would be extremely grateful.

Wireshark shows OPTIONS messages successfully hitting the phone system from TPG SIP server, and 200 OKAY messages being sent to TPG SIP server.


 - 3CX on premise
 - Wireshark shows OPTIONS being received and 200 OKAY being sent to/from TPG SIP IP
 - Dual WAN connection with dedicated SIP service on WAN2
 - NAT on WAN2 to local IP of 3CX
 - Static routes are configured to route required SIP traffic in/out via either WAN1 or WAN2 depending on what port is required

Kind regards,

Nicholas BreadenAsked:
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
You don't mention if 3CX is in the cloud or on premises, i assume the latter option.

If It is an IP connection you will need  an IP Address for your 3CX  PBX, and set it using the right (Public) IP address, netmask en default gateway.
If a private IP address is used you will need a nat setup  either a 1:1 NAT (all ports from one address) or Portforward for SIP + all required RTP ports.  And possibly some more depending on how you want to manage your PBX.
Nicholas BreadenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply Noci - I have edited post with more info.

Using the last option you mention - port forward for SIP + RTP ports.

Do you have a screenshot/ text example of a working configuration?

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Not anymore. I tested 3CX (and others) about 7 months ago and clean all unused stuf about 2 month ago.

Here is a full list of ports required and under which conditions.

Be sure to disable ALG for SIP on any hardware firewall.
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