How to Report using data contained in a CRM Subject tree

Hi Experts,

We are using Dynamics CRM 2016 on prem.  We have a subject tree built out in our CRM system that contains subject matters for Cases.

Our customer service people are in need of some reporting, and I think to get them the data they need I might need to use SSRS or Visual Studio, but if Advanced Find is an option I'm all for it because it gives them the ability to tweak their results on the fly without involving actually changing queries or reports.  Avanced find is tempting, as it will let me use the UNDER option, which is kinda cool, but I don't think it does enough.  It seems like I can only chose one subject matter at a time to report on.

Anyhow, they would like some reporting that captures each item we have listed as a subject.
They'd like this by year or by month and with a count of occurances.
So for example, I think they want something like this:

YR 2019
       Vendor Issues                     210
       Personnel Issue                    14
       Bad venue experience        45
       Guest Sickness                       6
       Complaint                             178
       Compliment                          57

YR 2018
        Vendor Issues              196
       Personnel Issue               13
       Bad venue experience   48
       Guest Sickness               17
       Complaint                       92
       Compliment                   114

Yr 2017
       Vendor Issues                  89
       Personnel Issue                10
       Bad venue experience      63
       Guest Sickness                   7
       Complaint                        78
       Compliment                      95

You can see where I'm going with this.  They want a report that gives them a fast glance of what came up within a defined time period (year, month, whatever), what the subject matters were that were reported, and counts for each incident type so we can quickly identify the areas that need the most focus because the counts were high.

I don't think advanced find can do this.  IF I need to do this in SSRS, how would I begin?  I can get at SSRS, I've never had to use it. Can anyhow suggest the best tool to accomplish this, while making it accessible for the end users that want to run it?  Thanks in advance!
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi GingerKitty,

I think this can be done using Report Wizard feature of Dynamics CRM. Before you explore SSRS, kindly have a look at :
Report Wizard
Also, you could create Rollup attributes So you could create necessary fields(I understand you would not want to, but it is one of the tricks that you can utilize in case Report Wizard does not give you aggregation level you are looking for) with Rollup configuration and you are good to go.


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GingerKittyAuthor Commented:
This is great; far simpler than trying to put something together in SSRS for this user's immediate needs.  Thanks!!
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
You are welcome :)
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