Securing Onedrive sharing

A user of mine has a copy of office365 for business prmium with ODFB and sharepoint etc and wishes for his secretaries/assistants to view/edit a selection of his files. This he has done successfully via a link share, however this seems a grave security risk, whether the link can be shared or not etc, he wishes for the users to at least login to gain access.
We have created a number of users within his organisation however each appears to need a licence to be assigned for access, which seems over kill when Onedrive shares a link for free.
These created users obtain a link and logon  e.g which is good except they still can't view any of the shared files. I'm sure if we purchases a number of sharepoint licences for the users we could setup a team site however the usage from the users is minimal and not worth the £3.80 per month per user.

So there must be a way of sharing your data on one drive for business in a more secure way than sending a link
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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
In order to 'login' they would also have to be licensed for sharepoint.  A login means that there must be an authenticator. So you are left with sharing a link.. There are workarounds using a 3rd party item i.e copying the link to a shared folder  on your domain BUT they could copy the link from there and share it out via email to anyone. Even with a 'user login' the user could SHARE the login details with someone else unless you use MultiFactor Authentication.

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oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
That isn't the answer I was hoping for !, thanks Microsoft, I did find this in my searches from 2 years ago from the program manager

Stephen Rice  
 replied to  Juan Carlos González Martín
 ‎11-21-2016 01:59 PM  



Hi all,


I just wanted to pop-in and let you know that we are looking at password protected links now. We don't have a timeframe that we can share yet but this is definitely a feature we want to get into everyone's hands. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager

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oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
My user has now decided to pay for licences for his collaborators, which is great, looking through the options it appears that the obvious solution would be to buy some One drive for Business licences, as he is already comfortable with using one drive personal.

So before i close the question could someone confirm that using the ODFB he can simply create a number of users with different permissions for his files and achieve the login and password security he needs for his peace of mind.
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
what you could do is to create a b2b guest user that don't required licence but will force to authenticate to access such file.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Ran up a trial in Onedrive for business and this proves to be exactly what is needed, yes he has to pay £4.00 monthly per user but it's secure and flexible,,,, and much easier than sharepoint to manage.

thank you for you guidance .
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
thank you Gentlemen, you saved me a lot of time by saving me from looking for a free option. Pay the money to microsoft and one gets the authentication that is required. Quite happy to pay the "romans what they are due" !
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