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I need to allow 2 medical devices that run Win XP embedded on my network to send PDF files to a share. And have the solution satisfy HIPPA rules.

I need to keep networked 2 medical devices (Zeiss eye scanners) that run Win XP embedded. However HIPPA does not like XP. To upgrade to the latest would cost many thousands MANY.

The devices just need to send a PDF to a network share.

I am looking for the best way to segment out the XP machines and still satisfy HIPPA requirements.

One thing I cant do is just unplug the network and use a usb drive because the devices are used many times a day and would hamper workflow.

I have considered removing the gateway on the XP pcs and also adding strict firewall rules (sonicwall)

Also thought of using a win 10 pc with 2 nics for 2 different subnets to act as a go between

Any thoughts?

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