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Ray Turner
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Which is faster?

(ASP.Net) ASPxImage vs (HTML) Image
(ASP.Net) ASPxLabel vs (HTML) Div

I would like to use the that is more efficient (speed & memory).
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Hi Ray,

I am not sure about your exact scenario but if I can do something using a label i.e. text over an image, I will always go with the label (One of the reason FontAwesome took over the web world).

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Create two test scenarios for the alternatives, do the measures, and you have the answer.
David FavorFractional CTO
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There's no real way to know this.

You'd have to somehow test every browser in existence, then retest each new version, as memory usage per element might change.

Since you don't state what's in your image or div, again no way to really answer.

Note: If you're referring to written text in an image verses div, the image will always take more memory. Also, images don't scale like fonts. If you use an image for written text, each time a user resizes the image, text will pixelate into ugliness or many times become completely unreadable.
Ray TurnerSenior Consultant


Thanks to you all.

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