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is there a way to view results from Western Digital Lifeguard extended analysis?   I ran the app against a 2 TB hard drive but the app finished before I had a chance to see the results.  Are these results stored somewhere?
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there should be  a window at the end of diagnostic - see theinfo here  (but it only shows pass or failed, afaikr

you can also run hd sentinel, free or paid :
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
nobus is correct.  There's a results window but no log.

The WD diagnostics are immensely useful but deliver very little information other than "It passed this specific test" or "It failed this specific test."

For WD drives I regard Data Lifeguard as the final word on whether the drive is usable or not.  I've had several WD drives that passed all other diagnostics but failed the WD diagnostics.
i can also ask - what use will the additional info be?
Tony, give us some details, why you need it, maybe we can help better then
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
nobus, thank you for your continued interest.  I am dealing with a refurbished system which has a 2 TB hard drive.  I bought the system for a
nephew who is struggling a bit from a stroke.  Before sending the system to him, I wanted to be sure that the hard drive was OK.  As you know, doing an "extended test" on a 2 TB drive with Lifeguard can take several hours.  I started the process and when I went back to check on the system, it apparently had completed but I had no window telling me anything.  I had checked several times previously and it appreared to be working OK.  On my last check, the system appears to had restarted but frankly, I cannot remember if it had returned to the desktop or to a sign-on screen.  The power option for the system was to "never" sleep so I'm not sure what happened.  I suppose the best thing to do is to rerun the extended test again.
yes, i understand your probletter now.
i found that testing diskk drives goes much faster on systems that do have the latest sata technology 6Gb/s
on older systems you may have 1/2 speed or even less :

if you post the mobo model, we can look it up
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
nobus...I'm running a chkdsk /r now on the 2 TB drive and it is taking forever as well.  This is a OptiPlex 9010 MT desktop.  I've look all around the MOBO and cannot find a specific model number of the MOBO.  The reason I'm doing these tests is because the drive makes some noise (I think a seeking noise type) when it should essentially be idle.  It is the secondary drive.  The primary is a 120GB SSD which is where the W10 Pro OS is located.  When the drive is "working" as in the chkdsk app, it is very quiet.  Ideas?
there are many 9010 models, and i could not find one that specifies the sata type
but in this page they suggest it has 1 sata 3 and 2 sata 2 controllers - so it can be you're running the diag on the slow one.
it may pay(for the diags) to switch the cables from the SSD and the HDD
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Good idea.  The chkdsk ran successfully (took about 5 hours).  I'm guessing the HDD is OK.  I may try the switch though as you suggested.  What I don't understand is why the Hard drive noise during startup since the OS is on the SSD.  Lasts for about 5 minutes and then seems to quiet down.
is that everytime you boot ? it coiuld be a scan of AV, or backoffice tasks
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help nobus.  I'm going to close the question if I can figure out how to do so with the changes that have been made in site.
yep, it get's everytime more confusing i find
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
I was satisfied with chkdsk test.

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