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Newest instruction of ArcSDE in ESRI website?

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Last Modified: 2019-05-16
I browsing ESRI.COM website to try to understand the current GIS solution. I couldn't find where the instruction for ArcSDE (Spatial Data Engine) is.
Is the ArcSDE product being deprecated/retired? or it is just hiding some where?
Thank you!
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I found some interesting things about ArcSDE:

"Prior to ArcGIS 9.2, ArcSDE was a standalone software product.
At the ArcGIS 9.2 release, ArcSDE was integrated into both ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server." - Mar 2, 2016 Link/Post

" ArcSDE technology has been integrated into ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Engine, and ArcGIS for Server so that users can scale their DBMS-based geodatabases across their organizations.

Beginning at ArcGIS 9.2, ArcGIS for Desktop Standard and Advanced includes an installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express. These software products also include ArcSDE capabilities to support enterprise geodatabases in SQL Server Express for up to three simultaneous desktop users.

ArcGIS for Server includes full enterprise ArcSDE technology with no limits. You can still run the traditional ArcSDE technology for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and IBM Informix. " - ArcGis Help

Understanding ArcSDE - PDF

A quick tour of administering ArcSDE geodatabases

hope it helps


Thank you for your detail information.