Report will not return values for a parameter

I have a report where I have created a parameter with several membership types. Have added this criteria to the record selection.
when I run the report I get data for all the membership types except where the type begins with the word Junior
there are several formula in the report, have deleted each one in turn from the report but it still does not work for this group
have checked the group selection expert part, does not seem to be an issue.
Do not know where the problem may lie?
Gordon HughesDirectorAsked:
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Can you upload the report?
Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
Hi Mimcc
report attached
Raghavendra HullurSoftware DeveloperCommented:

Do you have data for the combination of Membership Types starts with Junior and date combination you have included in the record selection?

Is it possible to run the report by commenting the record selection criteria and attach the report saved data?
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Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes there is data which i can get running another report with the same paramenters
Would be a bit concerned about submitting a report with data as it would be against the GDPR
Raghavendra HullurSoftware DeveloperCommented:

If you haven't tried already, can you try commenting the record selection and see you get the data for the combination you selected?, just in case the report logic for this and other reports wary?
Then try commenting date part from record selection and run only for Membership Types which starts with Junior.

Alternatively, you can copy the query generated from report from Database --> Show SQL Query option and run it directly on database using database client to ensure the data is returned for the combination of parameter values selected.

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If there is a lot of data try commenting out the membership type.

YOu could also change the date filter to > 1 Jan 2019

WHat do you enter when trying to get Junior?
Do you select from the list?

How did you populate the list of values for Membership Type?

Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
I changes the date to 1/01/2019
Same issue it will not show where Junior x is selected
The list was created in the parameter set up adding the categories from the database
I have another report with the same parameters and that works ok, something is blocking where the selection starts with Junior

Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
Think I have found the problem, the date field is currently expiry date and it should be renewal date
Thanks for your support
Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both, put me on the right track
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