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Adobe Illustrator – Pathfinder – Minus Front. Dose this work if the front has internal openings? I attached an ai file of my dilemma. There is a castle in Black. I am trying to cut the red-orange objects through the castle with (AI Pathfinder). I have been able to do simple things like cutting a star out of the middle of a rectangle with “minus front” but not something like this. Thank you for any help.  --  Joe
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First you have to change all paths you want to use for using Minus Front for to outline. Do it by using Object > Path > Outline Stroke.

Secondly I recommend using the Shape Builder tool for this. It works by selecting upper and lower shape and click or drag with the tool for join shapes (Unite) or clicking or dragging while holding down the alt/option key to do the Minus Front thing.
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Thank you for your help. I am sorry I was unable to get back to this issue sooner. Thing happened beyond my control. I really appreciate your help.
No problem. I hope the matter is solved then.

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