Create a formula that calculates the sum of a range based on matching to a date

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How can I set up a formula that calculates a total from a range based on matching a date from a dropdown. I've been experimenting with Sumifs but can't get it to work.. In the attached file I have entered what I want the answer to be depending on what I choose from the list. Thank you as always.
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This could be accomplished using Offset, which is a volatile function, but my preference is to use Index which isn't volatile.

When your headers are limited to 12 months for the year beginning in January you can use:

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If your headers could extend for more than 12 months, or if the financial year could start in a different month, it may be more robust to match the date in the dropdown against the headers:

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Should work with sumif easily enough.

=SUMIF(DateColumn, Dropdown, ValueColumn)


Where D1:D5 is the range of dates
E1 is the dropdown
C1:C5 is the range you want to sum (which is aligned with the corresponding dates in D1:D5)

May be awkward with dates as cells can be formatted differently, or date formats can differ. best to set these cells to a specific date format to ensure they match up.
Group Finance Manager
This works for me

=SUMIF($C$3:$N$3,"<=" &DATEVALUE(TEXT(Q3,"mmm-yy")),$C$5:$N$5)


Thank you to all of the experts here AKA as "the Excel cavalry" :-)
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

Pleased to help

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