Implementing a new ticketing software for a helpdesk

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Ticketing system change

Anyone have first hand experience of implementing a complete change in ticketing system

Best way to plan\implement etc
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Can you consider using a subscription based ticketing platform like Zendesk or Freshdesk?
I use Freshdesk for internal IT Ticketing ( around 60 Euros per month for a single seat )
It will save you a whole lot of hassle, designing, implementing and maintaining one.
You can try them out (trial available) and subscribe to it if you feel it meets all your requirements.


I should have said we're changing to Autotask, would be great to see what planning is involved etc for any changeover from a project manager perspective but thanks for the comment :)
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Take a look to GLPI
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So first step I usually do is document how you want the new process to work then start building out a flow from there.

The last time I changed from Service now to MS Service Manager (with cireson portal) the biggest thing is planning out how you want it to work then building out the process and documentation behind the plan.

We spent several months planning and testing before the cutover.

Plan everything out from the process flow to when you want notifications to go  out and to whom.
Get the high level plan in place be sure to work with your helpdesk for process review to be sure it will work with their process or that their process can be changed to accommodate the tool.

Also consider if you are porting old tickets or if you will be finishing out the current open tickets in the old system. (as a transfer of data can cause other concerns such as data mapping etc.) We had to save the data due to audit reasons but didn't need it to be active in the new system.

Document everything including the reasons discussions were made as it will be helpful in the long run.


Excellent thanks a million :)

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