Change TKIP to AES remotely

I have over 200 wireless machines that are currently wpa2 and TKIP.  My old Cisco controller didn't allow wpa2 and AES so we used TKIP.  My new controller a Cisco 5520 doesn't not allow wpa2 and TKIP. I'm stuck in catch 22.  Is there any way to change TKIP on the machines remotely, my users have no rights on the machines and I'd have to take off all the autologin settings and one by one change the encryption.  I don't want to have to create a group policy.  I'd rather use a script if possible
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WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Will this work on Windows 10 I have a mix.  Also the profiles or SSID's are the same.
It will work on win10, yes.

For the switch to be as easy as it gets, configure a new SSID on your new switch.
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WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
OK thanks.  But I'm going to delete the profile and add it back.  I think that will give me what I need.
How are you going to do that? Can you even delete the current profile while it's in use?
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
That's the problem we can delete it, it changes but it's not automatically reconnecting  I wish there was a way via command to change TKIP to AES
Joe FulginitiNetwork EngineerCommented:
Are you using wpa enterprise or wpa personal?
I guess it will reconnect if you disable the adapter and enable it again. This needs to be done by a script that gets copied locally, first, before the connection breaks. Will try for myself.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Actually we managed to do it.
netsh wlan set profileparameter name="xxxxx" encryption=AES
Ok, and is that deployable? I wonder if your script won't need a WLAN connection to be executed from its source.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Yes.  If you copy the script to the machine and run it, it does the trick.
Yes, as I said, that of course will do it.
So, are we ready to close this, or any further questions?
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