Crashed 2003R2 server with SQL 2005 DB

Henry Starcher
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A little history before I get crucified. Not my circus and not my monkeys.. I have a soft spot for the down trodden.  

Have a client that is still break\fix. 4 years ago I warned them I was no longer supporting Windows 2003r2. 2 years ago I warned them the server (Dell T300) could die. Offisite backup no… still using a 2011 version of Symantec Backup and backup had stopped working a year previously. However, I do have good System State backup
RAID 5 failed and hot spare flaked out, so had to send the drives out for data recovery. Data was recovered. All user folders and other files I put on a temp server so they could access them. Now the remaining problem is that they had a program that used SQL 2005. I have got SQL 2005 to load on 2008R2 and run as long as I put all the SQL service packs on it. The database will not restore. Their previous server was also the domain controller.

The software company said they would help, but wanted $15,000 upfront. The main reason this place was still on this system was that the company only supported server 2003R2 and SQL 2005 which was why they were still on it. The client was moving away from this company, but needs their accounting from the old software.

I have a client that has a T300 in the closet that was a domain controller with server 2003R2. It never got demoted because the access to old accounting software wouldn’t run on newer version of server. I got it and have it in the shop and it still runs 😊 So I was wondering if I demote it, install SQL2005, then restore the system state from the old server would I have a snowball in hell chance to get the database back to a running state.
Thanks in advance
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RobertSystem Admin

If you have a copy of the database\log files you may be able to just install sql2005 on the other server attach the database then run recovery on the suspect database.  (search for how you repair a suspect DB for the instructions.)
Once you have the db online you can create a backup file then use it to restore onto  newer sql.
That said you could probably do the same directly on newer sql but haven't tried.
Henry StarcherConsultant


Since I haven't done a Restore of system state on the other server I get errors galore. Would this be because of the AD doesn't match the one the DB came from. I always heard that you were doomed to failure trying to restore a DB to a non-DC if it came off one.
RobertSystem Admin

You shouldn't need to restore system state to do a DB restore\recovery.
That said I have never personally tried to offline restore a DB that didn't have a backup that was originally on a DC.
Thanks for your replies.
I just went ahead and hired an expert Leew on EE here and he was able to fix things in an hour. Money well spent

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