exchange 2010 - SHA2 - SSL installation on SBS 2011

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I've a problem applying a new SHA2 Cert (from 123-Reg) to Exchange 2010

I created the request via the Certificate MMC as a custom request because this SBS 2011 server is SHA1 by default.   Right clicked the Certs and installed both the Intermediate and the actual cert for the host

When I looked in the EMC I didn't have the option to complete the Cert request, so I looked in IIS, the option was there and it completed as expected.

When I opened EMC to assign the Cert to the services SMTP etc, the Certificate page didn't load and generated error object get exchange certificates not found.  upon running Get-ExchangeCertificate from powershell the same error is displayed.

I could assign the new cert to the default web site via ISS, which took care of OWA etc but still not the SMTP services etc

I found that if I remove the new cert from IIS - the EMC worked again and the old certs are shown as normal..

hope that's enough info, any help or ideas would be appreciated?  

Thanks TC
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010
Try to Import the Certificate using Exchange Management Console.
Sr. Systems Administrator
When you made the csr using the Certificates snap-in, Were you in User or Computer context? I have to agree with Shreedhar here. Export the certificate with key using the Certificates Snap-in and import it using the EMC. That way, you know it will be in the correct location.
Jeff that's a very good point - I think you've hit the nail on the head!  i'll check and just re-issue the cert, ensuring i'm in Computer

thank you both !

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