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using microsoft visio 2013 standard how to draw various diagram like below
1. sequence diagrams
2. flow diagrams
3. activity diagram
4. user interaction diagrams
5. database diagrams
6. any other similar type of system, system flow diagrams

any good video tutorials, resources, , links around this?
please advise
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Use a pencil and stencil, it's more fun, cheaper, and requires more thought.

If you're just looking to learn Visio, I'd suggest either a Lynda tutorial like this one:

...or there's a dozen different books on Amazon, like this one:
(by Scott Helmers, who is one of the Visio experts on here)

As far as specific diagrams go, Visio has lots of shapes built-in already, and it also has some templates for some of the diagrams you mentioned, so it's really just a matter of learning Visio to make use of what it already gives you.
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Developer
Most Valuable Expert 2011

In addition to the links provided by gr8gonzo above, Microsoft offers a collection of getting started videos:
There cover general Visio topics not how to create specific diagram types but they should still be helpful.
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what is difference between visio standard and visio professional.

looks like using visio standard i cannot even draw decent sequence diagram

how to save the selected preferences which i selected by going through below flow

New-->UML Sequence--->Create

then click on small arrow
More Shapes--->Flow Diagrams-->Cross Functional Flow Charts etc.

I like to get picture of a man for the sequence diagram like below

how can i achieve this using visio standard
is there any similar simple tool with built in templates which i can reuse y just changing the names?
any sample diagrams i can re use in visio?
There are several small differences between Standard and Professional, but I'd say the main thing is that Professional has data-driven shapes, so you can have diagrams that are linked to data sources and they can change the diagram automatically when the data changes.

For the charts you mentioned, I usually prefer the cross-functional flowchart shapes. For example, here's a small section of that diagram:
It's trivial to add more swimlanes and formatting to make things look good.
Visio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Developer
Most Valuable Expert 2011
The UML templates are only provided with Visio Professional; they are not included with the Standard edition. Here's a comparison chart:

If you've opened a specific set of stencils, as you describe above, and you want to have them open automatically when you start a new diagram, try this:
1) open the desired stencils
2) Select File>Save As
3) Select "Visio template (*.vstx)" as the file type to save

When you want to create a new diagram, double-click the template file and you'll get a new diagram with the selected stencils open.

To find an icon like the stick figure you linked above, try this:
1) Insert>Online Picture
2) search for "stick figure" and you should find plenty of choices.
Note that this will insert and image not a true Visio shape, but it sounds like that's all you need.


trying below but not that user friendly

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