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We have a Windows 10 computer that runs VSpace Pro 11.0.  We have 4 users that log in using NComputing thin clients.  We previously had Windows 7 computer, and it worked flawlessly.  However, whenever someone logs into this computer, their login takes over the screen.  So, if someone is sitting at the computer logged in and working, the screen of the remote user loads and takes over the screen.  With the old computer, the remote sessions would run in the background undetectable by the local user.  Is there a setting somewhere that can be changed to address this?
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This may be an RDS issue.  On a regular workstation, you can only have one session running at a time, so if some one remotes in, then the others get booted.  VMWare and Citrix handle this in different ways, but essentially, thats whats happening.  
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If I understand correctly, ncomputing enables you to use one machine with different users at the same time and from remote. On Win7 that worked, while on win10, they cannot work at the same time since they "kick each other out2 as soon as they login.

That would mean, ncomputing does not work the way it used to or is even defective...or simply incompatible to windows 10. Anyway, that should be a case for ncomputing support.

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