Vmware Workstation Snapshot not visable


I got a big problem with vmware workstation 12.5.9 build-7535481:

In snapshot manager I wanted to delete a snapshot.

A message has occourred that there is not enough disk space to do this.

Now the snapshot is not longer visable in snapshotmanager.

The snapshot is not visible running:
C:\Users\hhussy\Documents\Virtual Machines\MONTEVELO3>"c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation"\vmrun listsnapshots montevelo3.vmx
Total snapshots: 0

The snapshot-chain seems to be fully functional, because the virtual machine is running correctly.

Directory listing of the VM:

C:\Users\hhussy\Documents\Virtual Machines\MONTEVELO3>dir
 Volume in Laufwerk C: hat keine Bezeichnung.
 Volumeseriennummer: 0868-16A2

 Verzeichnis von C:\Users\hhussy\Documents\Virtual Machines\MONTEVELO3

15.01.2019  01:02    <DIR>          .
15.01.2019  01:02    <DIR>          ..
15.01.2019  01:01     6.509.559.808 564dfb59-31dd-eb2a-471f-3dc98f82ede4.vmem
15.01.2019  01:01    <DIR>          564dfb59-31dd-eb2a-471f-3dc98f82ede4.vmem.lc
22.12.2018  14:10    <DIR>          caches
15.01.2019  01:01   473.174.245.376 MONTEVELO3-000002.vmdk
15.01.2019  01:01    <DIR>          MONTEVELO3-000002.vmdk.lck
09.01.2019  09:05     6.509.559.808 MONTEVELO3-2f819631.vmem
09.01.2019  18:54    <DIR>          MONTEVELO3-2f819631.vmem.lck
15.01.2019  00:57             8.684 MONTEVELO3.nvram
08.01.2019  13:39    43.189.731.328 MONTEVELO3.vmdk
15.01.2019  01:01    <DIR>          MONTEVELO3.vmdk.lck
15.01.2019  00:11               112 MONTEVELO3.vmsd
15.01.2019  01:02             4.197 MONTEVELO3.vmx
15.01.2019  01:01    <DIR>          MONTEVELO3.vmx.lck
08.01.2019  13:51             3.404 MONTEVELO3.vmxf
15.01.2019  00:57           362.385 vmware-0.log
15.01.2019  00:17           363.362 vmware-1.log
15.01.2019  00:11           361.491 vmware-2.log
15.01.2019  01:01           200.189 vmware.log
              12 Datei(en), 529.384.400.144 Bytes
               8 Verzeichnis(se), 460.121.530.368 Bytes frei

C:\Users\hhussy\Documents\Virtual Machines\MONTEVELO3>

I would need urgent help.

Does anybody has an idea?


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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The snapshots are here "Verzeichnis von C:\Users\hhussy\Documents\Virtual Machines\MONTEVELO3"  

Does this machine have enough space (as much or more as the whole folder containing the virtual machine and its snapshots)
holgerAuthor Commented:
In the meantime I have enough space.

Question is: How can I edit vmx-file to regain the snapshot in the snapshotmanager?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Follow through this EE post to see if it assist you. If the snapshot is in the Virtual Machine folder (and not somehow damaged) you should be able to see it.

IP Address Management Meets Device Tracking

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holgerAuthor Commented:

unfortunately this thread didn't lead to a solution. Additionally it covers the server products.

I currently use vmware workstation 12.

The VM is fully functional. Only in the snapshot manager there are no snapshots visible. Therfore I can not handle them.

Can I manually add a snapshot in a config file?


JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Here is a VMware article that is about Snapshots using VMware Workstation.  There are settings for VMX files and for Snapshots in particular. Please look through this article.


Here are the VMX Settings using Workstation to edit the VMX file

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you get truly stuck here, try the following;

1. Close VMware Workstation.
2. Make a new VMware Virtual Machine folder (empty at this point).
3. Copy (NOT Move) the machine file (vmdk file) from the problem machine folder to the new folder.
4. Run VMware, make a new machine of the same type and point it to the new folder with the vmdk copy in it.

Does the new machine start and work properly?
holgerAuthor Commented:

the problem is solved and documented here:


Thanks for participating.


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